Friday, May 13, 2011

Keeping your head space

So you may not know this about me but I’m a bit of a film nut, but I mostly blame working at the movie theater for that. Now, I’m not so much into film as some people but I get into what I like quite a bit. A little over 5 years ago my good friend Lindz introduced me to film scores, and it had been a process but I am in love.  But not only did she introduce me to film scores she introduced me to writing to them. And I have found it is the perfect way to set up in my mind the tone of a character/chapter and the best way to keep my mind in the moment.  And so I began to collect soundtracks, many to movies I have never seen even just so I have the music if I need it (lol). Now I have well over my fair share of soundtracks, well around 120 or so. and it has opened up so much to me it feels. I tend to not be able to focus very well but I find that even when I wander away and then come back to my writing if I have one of my play-list running I can get back into the bit so much faster than without.

I have made so many play-lists for different emotions or character combos but I noticed that I keep returning to a few soundtracks more than a little bit. So I decided to share so of the tracks that I feel best represent my WIP and the overall tone and feel I am trying for.

Serenity composed by David Newman - Funeral / Rebuilding Serenity

Fire Fly composed by Greg Edmonson - Inside the Tam house

Unstoppable composed by Harry Gregson-Williams - Are you in or are you out

Tron composed by Daft Punk - End of the line

Tudors composed by Trevor Morris -Anne’s final walk

What do you do to keep yourself in the right head space for the moment?  

Also stay tuned because on June 1 I will be taking part in Rosie Connolly @ East for Green Eyes “What’s the Score Blogfest” she is holding to celebrate her one year blogiversary. She is giving away some wonderful prizes! And it looks like a lot of fun! For her blogfest I plan to share the "popular" music I have picked out for my characters.


  1. Oooh, sounds fun! Gonna check the blogfest out :)

  2. I can't wait for your entry :) Thanks for helping me spread the word.