Thursday, September 30, 2010

My totally awsome idea to trick myself into epicness!

I have a plan. I’m not saying it is a good plan but it’s what I’m doing anyway… so I guess I’ll let you know. But let’s start from the beginning….

It involves my wedding. Now the truth is that while boyfriend and I have more ‘free’ money than our friends we still don’t have a lot of money and if it relied mostly on us we would just go down to the court house and sign the piece of paper for $30. After we got engaged my dad said that he wanted to help pay for it. And I was all like “SWEET!” but then proceeded never to bring it up ever again, because asking for money just hurts my pride in ways I can’t talk about. Also my dad also said he would help me pay for school, and the two things overlap and it just feel greedy.

But I could not help but start what I like to called ‘pre-planning’ (and really I’m still in that stage cuz Boyfriend and I don’t want to get married for a few years at least) which mostly is me looking at wedding blogs on LJ, Etsy, and Off Beat Bride to get ideas.  And I have discovered a very prominent problem. My wedding dreams are not in line with reality (I think the phrase is champagne dreams on a beer budget). And the more I look at things the more I get attached to theses really expensive things I not only want but now ‘need’ for my wedding. But this also compounded by the fact that I have yet to talk to my dad to know what the basic budget is.

So I have come up with a plan, and that plan is to start buying little wedding stuff now and hiding it away in my closet until needed. Sort of like tricking myself out of the money before I need it. So later when I do need it for wedding stuff I can be all like “BAM! Already got the center pieces taken care of! Already have my flower alternative bouquet and other flower items! Bridal party gifts? Already covered! BOOYAH!  I rock!” and then use the money I would have used on those things for other last minuet things. Sort of like paying for a book before it comes out, and then when it finally comes out you get it, but then you also have all this extra money from that paycheck that you didn’t use on a book because you already bought it so you buy yourself coffee to drink while reading the book. If that makes sense at all. And then I can be like “Yo! Dad! I got all this small other stuff covered! Aren’t you so damn proud of my money management? Yeah?! I totally deserve that venue/photographer/dress I would never be able to afford on my own… wanna help?” and then I will have the most AWESOME EPIC WINNING WEDDING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF WEDDINGS!!!1

I think it sounds like a good plan.

The First Post

I’ve never been great at self-motivation when it comes to things like this. I usually start out very strong and then fizzle out. But I have been thinking lately that I have things to say, and someone might care. But mostly I think I might care later to look back and see what I cared about, so I started this blog. I really don’t think anyone will read it besides myself and perhaps Boyfriend. But I’m ok with that (even if someplace in the back of my head I hope for internet fame).

So here I promise to talk about things, I’m not sure what those things may be but I am pretty sure they will include my random thoughts, writing, hair, wedding planning, movies, TV and dogs.  And probably rainbows and magic on top of all of that. And if you are actually here, reading this then I want to say “Welcome to my little corner of the internet, I hope you enjoy your stay… and I swear I’ll have something more interesting to say later.”