Monday, April 25, 2011

The Now Starring... Blogfest!!!

FINALLY! It is here! The Now Starring... Blogfest! I’m so excited to show you my cast and to get to see all of your casts and get to know your characters better through the actors you chose!

For me, because I don’t draw, casting has always been an important part of writing for me. Because I need to be able to picture my characters as people, I never use the actor as my muse or write the character just for an actor. I just find that being able to visually have a physical body to attach to my characters helps me see how they move and act better. I think it is the director in me. If I could draw them, that would be awesome then I could just draw how they look, but unfortunately I cannot. So without much further ado, the cast for my WIP Born For This.

Small note, the drawing of my characters where part of an x-mas gift from the lovely Lindz who is helping me host this Blogfest, she gave me the line work and I half assed colored them in Photoshop just for you, I also Photoshoped the some of the actors badly to look a little more like some of the characters! Also Lindz made the table for me.

Click it! It gets bigger!(and readable!)

Anyways I hope you all had a lot of fun getting to know my characters a little better! Now I am off to look at all of yours! Also don’t forget to check back and see who the winners are of the box of Magnetic Poetry for Book Lovers, and a thing you can scribble on in the shower!


  1. Great cast. Great chemistry.
    Thor.... sigh.
    Yea, if you're going to have someone shirtless, or just have someone anything, Thor is the way to go. :)

  2. Sexiest. Cast. Ever!
    Thanks for hosting this blogfest with me lady!
    Love you.

  3. Awesome, awesome cast. I love that you included Natalie Portman. She's great. And I love how you and Lindz made your presentations. Really cool. Thanks for hosting. This was SO much fun :)

  4. I've always said Jonathan Rys Meyers looks like a rude bastard... but he's so hot I could care less! And I'm totally with you on the guys-running-around-shirtless-should-be-hot. That's why my Jeremy is built like a Calvin Klein model. If he has to wear those god-awful wrestling outfits, he might as well look damn good in them!

  5. Natalie Portman as a Russian? I would pay good money to see that. I LOVE her! Thank you for the Hemsworth abs as well. ;)

    Great blogfest idea!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  6. Can I pinch your cast? Awesome selection! Can't wait to read the book.

    Ellie Garratt

  7. Very cool! Nice cast and your characters sound interesting! The drawings are pretty, too!!


  8. Nice cast! You've got the coolest women and THE sexiest men! If anyone is gonna be shirtless, you're right, Chris is the perfect choice.
    xoxo Karina